Agile Testing

As a CXO, you might have often wondered how you can keep tab on your product quality in real time and be in control of your development schedule. How often have you wanted someone to tell you clearly and with data if the product quality is good enough to take it to market. And we know you do not need senseless reports and dashboards that are high on content but low on value

CXO Quality Dashboards

CresTech’s CXO Quality dashboards precisely solve this problem. Based on years of our experience working with top industry CXO, we have come to know how you want to measure your product quality and what you want to see from your product quality report.

Designed specifically for top management, our CXO quality dashboard give you a precise idea of application quality index in quantifiable terms and helps you answer questions like

  • What is the quality index of my product?
  • What are the most risky areas of my product that need more testing
  • Am I fixing defects fast enough to be on top of my schedule
  • What is the % of code that’s my testing covers
  • How does my testing efficiency rates against the industry standard norms
  • What is the quality risk if I Go-Live now

Drawing data out from your existing ALM and Test management systems, we transform the data into concise actionable indexes that can help you take key business decision like whether to go live or not with the product in an instant

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