Trackwise Test Accelerator services for various companies in India

Trackwise, an enterprise application, is a Quality management solution which helps organisations to maintain high levels of quality, ensures compliance and reduces the cost which goes into managing such, organisation-wide, Quality Assurance framework

Whilst the Trackwise QMS framework helps in establishing, maintaining and monitoring quality in an organisation, testing the correctness and consistency of Trackwise itself can sometime be very challenging. Trackwise Configuration Changes:

  • With new Process implementations we get new Trackwise configurations
  • With process improvement changes, we get new Trackwise configuration

Each such change made to multiple environments (sandbox, dev. Test, production etc) before the change goes into production along with faster release cycles for each these environments owing to agile framework, results in either a long and extensive exercise or more selective and focused not getting enough coverage.

Our Trackwise Test Accelerator

We realised that identifying changes to Trackwise, with respect to the pre-baselined configuration and attaining enough test coverage with every run are some of the key concerns of the QA team, tasked with testing the Trackwise solution.

With the test accelerator we have built, you can address the above concerns and more. Below are some of the key offerings of our Trackwise Test Accelerator

Key Offerings of TrackWise Test Accelerator:

Key Components of a TrackWise Test Accelerator

Why use TrackWise Test Accelerator:

  • The platform the accelerator is built on, OpKey is validated and GXP compliant
  • OpKey is Sparta Systems certified Quality connect Partner
  • Accelerators consists of 350+ Pre-built test automation components to create and validate business processes
  • 100+ prebuild OQ and PQ templates to automate OQ and PQ validation.
  • Test accelerator can be used for configuration validation as well.
  • Business Components covered are: Complaints, Platform, TMS, DMS and ISTs


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