Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Case Study

Test Automation of Middle-East’s most used passenger App


World’s third largest Cab service

Problem Statement

Client owned the largest cab hailing service and was struggling with frequent release due to inefficient and time consuming testing. Client needed CresTech to automate the regression suite of the Passenger application for quicker release.


Android Passenger App


  • The former most and initial challenge was to identify the way through which Driver app was able to communicate with Passenger app to complete ride flows.
  • Toast Messages Handling: We have encountered the challenge of capturing toast messages, as these messages were device level objects and were very hard to verify on all android version in scope.
  • Handling of customized Date pickers in the app was another challenge as it was quite tricky to set values in them.
  • Handling of Payment scenarios in the application was also a challenge as we needed to initially work over android app and then perform some actions over browser.
  • Handling of Ratings related scenarios was another challenge as the rating contained 5 stars but these were getting displayed as one singe object
  • CresTech had to work with this client mapping to their work timings whilst overcoming the language and cultural differences
Team Size
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Test Automation Lead 
  • 3 Test Automation Engineers

What we did

  • After lot of internal team discussion & analysis, we identified 2 ways to utilize Driver app to complete ride scenarios. (A) Through Web UI automation (B) Through APIs. We opted for the APIs as it also helped navigate the challenge of the driver application being in ‘Persian’
  • New framework keywords were created to verify Toast Messages
  • Had discussion with dev team, understood – how they have created custom objects. Accordingly coded custom keywords which was utilized to set values in customized fields  of the application.
  • With a technical workaround recorded scenario for both web and mobile app and utilized in our scripts for payment.
  • Coded the logic to click on particular star with ClickAt Keyword



  • After facing multiple technical challenges, CresTech team was able to deliver the project on time with 100% coverage to selected test scenarios
  • Automation Scripts provided by Crestech were 53% faster as compared to manual test executions 
  • Client realized saving of approx. 95% of overall effort by executing  regression suites over 3 devices simultaneously 
Tech Stack

Android and IoS native applications

Resource Distribution

Onsite and Offshore


3 months and Ongoing Maintenance

Types of Validation
  • Functional Validation
  • Performance Benchmarking upon agreed upon parameters

Regular and timely communication with relevant stakeholders is a key to success.

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