Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Quality can be made a tradition of an organisation and infused into its culture by creating a QA framework which guides its employees on the right approach for every task. This framework, a Testing Centre of Excellence(TCOE) ensures that the quality of the product is never compromised, and the cost of quality is low. A matured TCOE also ensures continuous improvement leading to better products, accelerated testing and overall a better business value.


Testing Centre of Excellence Services

When establishing a TCOE, the key goals are that the time to test and the cost to test reduces whilst the overall quality of the product increases substantially and consistently, aka, Test Better, Faster and Cheaper.

Our experience has showed that moving to Testing Centre of Excellence model can help organizations save up to 30% of their current testing incurred cost while reducing the business and technology failure risks by up to 40%

TCOE Framework

Our testing centre of excellence service framework is built on three strategic assets: PEOPLE, PROCESSES and TECHNOLOGY

TCOE Implementation

Our testing centre of excellence service methodology ensures both quick wins and long-term gains. The typical delivery model is a 30-60-90 days turnkey implementation CresTech Software has two delivery models wherein we a) both setup and run a TCOE or b) follow a BOAT model for our client’s wherein we Build, Operate, Stabilise and then Transfer the TCOE



Test Optimisation Services

Over the years we have realised that although organisations and CXO’s understand and value the need of testing services and QA processes, the ever-exploding technical landscape and ever changing business goals often make the testing initiatives, aka transformation of testing processes and optimisation of the STLC, difficult to focus one.

CresTech’s Software test optimization and transformation services & solutions solve precisely these needs of enterprises and takes this responsibility off your hands. We understand this problem like no one else. Providing software testing services and solutions to organizations of all size – from startup to Fortune 500- we have been a part of their organizational transformation at different stages. And hence our transformation and optimization services, though following a broad framework, are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Test PBE (Process-Budget-Effort) optimization: if you are struggling to contain the ever-increasing cost of testing your product without compromising on quality, our test Process, Budget and Effort (PBE) optimization services is just the right solution for you. We critically asses your existing testing framework and implement an optimization program with a mix of test automation, process tweaks and enhanced collaboration. We ensure that optimization happens without disrupting the business continuity and with buy in of all stake holders.


Why CresTech

  • We bring out the following benefits to you in this transformation
    • Quantifiable Improvement in Product Quality
    • Enhanced Cost Efficiency
    • Faster Go to Market
  • Been there seen all as testing company – We have been part of Small and Large test transformation programs in various capacities and understand the best practices to take and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Pre-defined process framework: Our transformation and optimizations framework consist of pre-defined processes, test assets, skill up-gradation programs and collaboration tools that are essential ingredients of any transformation. These pre build assets can easily be customized to meet your needs.
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Case Studies

Test Automation Test Automation Test Automation Test Automation

Case Studies

Other Offerings

  • 01. Automated Testing
  • 02. Mobile Application Testing
  • 03. Performance Testing
  • 04. Security Testing
  • 05. Web Application Testing
  • 06. TCOE Setup / Test Advisory
  • 07. Independent Functional Testing
  • 08. IOT Testing
  • 09. Testing Cloud Software
  • 10. Accessibility Testing

01. Automated Testing

Make test automation a key part of your test strategy and increase the velocity of your testing throughput with tool agnostic automation test experts and future ready frameworks.

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."- Aristotle


02. Mobile Application Testing

We believe that a right mix of skill, automation and devices are the key to the success of mobile application testing. We ensure that your end customers get a seamless experience from your mobile application, irrespective of where they are, who they are and which device they use.

"Bad programmers have all the answers. Good testers have all the questions." (Gil Zilberfeld)


03. Performance Testing

A functionally correct and well designed application doesn't guarantee a win unless it's fast, reliable and consistent. Our Performance Centre of Excellence is dedicated to validating the performance of all kinds of applications and identifying bottlenecks.

"Only conducting performance testing at the conclusion of system or functional testing is like conducting a diagnostic blood test on a patient who is already dead."-Scott Barber


04. Security Testing

With continuous disruption in the field of technology, new vulnerabilities are being discovered constantly and ensuring information security has become critical to any and all businesses. With our security governance and validation services throughout SDLC we ensure that security vulnerabilities are never introduced.

"If you're relentlessly focused on lowering cost, you’ll quickly become oblivious to opportunities to increase value." - Michael Bolton


05. Web Application Testing

With extensive experience testing in a range of Web applications & websites, we provide end-to-end testing services covering all aspects of 'Quality': Usability, Functionality, Security, Performance and Compatibility

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."-Benjamin Franklin


06. TCOE Setup / Test Advisory

With a TCOE, Quality is infused into an organisation is culture through an ever evolving and scalable quality framework. Our TOCE methodology leverages people, processes and technology to setup a framework which ensures quality each time, every time.

"Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking."- Henry Ford


07. Independent Functional Testing

Validating whether an application does what the end customer needs is the most important aspect of testing the application. CresTech believes in testing early and thoroughly with a comprehensive coverage of functional requirements.

"More than the acting of testing, the act of tests is one of the best bug preventers known."-Boris Beizer


08. IOT Testing

We understand the complex integrated environment of IOT devices and our IoT testing strategy is heavily depended on the architecture, communication and purpose of the system. We validate the system as an end user, in varying yet real world environments leveraging our extensive labs.

"Discovering the unexpected is more important than confirming the known."- George E. P. Box


09. Testing Cloud Software

Testing a cloud application is two fold: Test the product and test the service. With extensive experience in testing cloud application we have harnessed the approach to testing applications on the cloud both functionally and nonfunctionally.

"Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact."- Fewster and Graham


10. Accessibility Testing

We ensure that your web application is accessible to all users on all devices. Our Accessibility Auditors will validate each page against targeted compliance standards. Our 3 step Approach: Automate Scans-> Affirm Manually-> And Recommend Changes

"If disabled people were truly heard, an explosion of knowledge of the human body and psyche would take place."- Susan Wendell


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