Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Case Study

Setup of a TCOE for a leading player in mobile and CE devices


A leading player in retailer of Mobile & CE devices

Problem Statement

Customer was facing several quality challenges on multiple IT applications being used in various business units.


There are more than 24 projects being supported by CresTech across various business units.


  • Performance and automation capability was not available with in client’s existing team
  • Application Response were not as per expectation in peak hours and customer’s data and saved work was lost due to unresponsive applications
  • There were more than 24 projects in maintenance phase and Teams were working in isolated environment and resources didn’t have cross project expertise.
  • No Standard process was implemented to track changes
  • Redundant work as DMS project was implemented in SAARC countries with minimal customization and changes need to be verified in all environment
  • No track of resource utilization and resource planning.
Team Size

8-14 Sr. and Jr. Quality Engineers

What we did

  • Conducted gap analysis and identified tool for automation and performance testing
  • Cross skill matrix was created and trainings were provided as per their current skill set after evaluation of their project knowledge.
  • Conducted J-Meter and Renorax training for team
  • Most apt SDLC process was implemented where project documentation (BRD, DD, and TD) was ensured during development phase.
  • Implemented resource tracking through testing tracker and weekly resource loading report.
  • Executed performance testing script on Test and UAT server and Shared the observations with all stockholders and got it fixed with in short span of time.



  • Response time of business critical applications was reduced which lead to better customer experience and Zero case of loss of data due to unresponsive behavior of application
  • Backup resources were created for performance and functional automation services for each project to reduce dependency.
  • 30% reduction in production issues and substantial increase in entire teams efficiency due to SDLC processes and proper documentation.
  • Testing turnover time reduced from 40% of dev time spent to 25%of dev time spent
  • Optimized Project scheduling and clear visibility of future tasks for entire team.
Tech Stack

Web App: .Net, SQL Native Android mobile app

Resource Distribution




Types of Validation
  • Setup of Mature QA Processes
  • Manual Validation
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

Regression Suite to be automated for faster release cycles More Test Metrics to be established for tracking efficiency

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