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One of the most widely used CRM, Salesforce, is an extensive SaaS application with multiple offerings. The degree of customization possible on this SaaS product, is what makes the CRM a favourite amongst its users. However, it's the same feature that makes testing the application's functionality with every production release, cumbersome, error-prone and time consuming.

To overcome the above challenges test Automation becomes an obvious choice. However, this carries its own set of challenges:

  • Testing and ensuring of Data Security and Privacy on this multi-tenant application
  • Ensuring secure transfer of information through various integrations to other ERP/non-ERP applications
  • Recognition of Dynamic objects in Salesforce application which keep changing their properties
  • Simulation of live upgrade testing

Our Salesforce Test Accelerator

Keeping the above factors in mind, we have created a Salesforce accelerator which is supported by a smart recorder that can record and playback all your steps on the salesforce application. This recorder uses an 8 point object identification mechanism that ensures that every time the script runs the Dynamic objects are identified.

The accelerator consists of:

a) Test Builder b) Pre-built test components and c) A companion app for test management

Why you need this Test Accelerator:

Our approach to building this accelerator was focused on common challenges faced by our clients whilst testing Salesforce application. Here’s a list of features which help overcome the typical challenges:

  • 250+ prebuilt test components and 50+ business processes pre-automated for testing give an accelerated start to your test automation journey and Day 0 readiness for testing
  • Zero Coding test builder designed for Salesforce, powered by a custom-made Smart recorder helps create scripts without any tech challenges
  • Risk Based Impact Analysis feature provides reports on what elements have changed and helps maintain the scripts
  • Script reusability across Lightning and Classic saves time and effort
  • Creation of robust and stable scripts with 8 point object identification for Dynamic objects

Quantifiable Benefits of Salesforce Testing for All Clients:

Our Test accelerator has been built leveraging the combination of our test automation expertise and experience of testing multiple Salesforce implementations.


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