Oracle cloud Accelerator services for various companies in India

Oracle Cloud Accelerator

Oracle Cloud has multiple applications for ERPs across verticals or product families like Financial management, Customer relationship Management, Marketing etc. It’s a complete ERP suite which can be customised and tailored to each client’s need and its availability through cloud makes the maintenance very easy. However, each owner of Oracle Cloud Apps would have face some, if not all the below challenges:

Oracle Cloud Test Accelerator:

CresTech has built a test accelerator to address the above concerns by adopting a ‘Continuous Testing’ methodology and automating the Oracle Fusion Cloud,

What you need to know about our Oracle Cloud Test Accelerator:

  • The test accelerator is built on ur proprietary test automation platform.
  • OpKey’s Oracle Cloud Test builder requires ZERO code scripting with its smart Record/ Playback feature and 50+ pre-built keywords
  • Pre-built test automation components and business processes provide Day 0 readiness
  • Reduces both, the effort and cost significantly with proven TCO reduction of upto 80%
  • Consists of self-configuring and healing test scripts which update themselves by looking at the input parameters.
  • Impact analysis feature for Oracle Cloud detects changes between lower and higher environments in seconds providing a full report on impacted Functional areas, business processes and test cases, resulting in easy and fast maintenance.

Oracle Fusion Test Accelerator helps in

Quantifiable Benefits of Oracle Cloud Testing for a Client:

Our Test Accelerator has benefited multiple clients globally and CresTech can do the same for you. This will resolve all your challenges with testing Oracle Fusion cloud with a comprehensive per-built test automation library which will be customised for your Oracle implementation covering hundreds of business processes and features.


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