Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Security Analysis For Vulnerabilities

Performance Testing To Identity Current Benchmarks

Functional Testing With End User Personas


Security Analysis For Vulnerabilities

  • Risk Analysis

    based on the architecture of the application

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    OWASP TOP 10

  • Manual Deep Dive

  • Penetration Testing

Performance Testing To Identity Current Benchmarks

  • Define The Problem Statement

    Critical Business Scenarios, Peak & Normal Load

  • Baseline Performance On Normal Load

  • Baseline Performance On Peakload

  • Record On Device Performance

    On the mobile device matrix

Functional Testing With End User Personas

  • End User Persona Testing

    UAT testing on end user profiles

  • Test Integration With External Services

    Check API calls

  • 40/10 Compatibility Testing

    Run 40% scenarios on 10 devices

  • Device Based Testing

    Biometrics, camera etc features on base devices

INR 4,00,000 for First Cycle Of Testing (2 rounds)

INR 3,00,000 for any subsequent cycle of testing

Two Time Payment Model For Hassle Free Engagement

Inclusive Of Devices, Resources, Testing Tools

Same Assurance, Each Time, Every Time

3-4 Weeks For Execution Time



Sathish Balasundaram

Delivery Manager at FSI

CresTech team is always positive and I can always count on this team due to their continuous commitment. CresTech has been focused and always responsive as required. Thank you for all your support and for bringing your best to work day after day. If given an opportunity I will not hesitate to work with you in the future

Kalpesh Desai

Senior Director of Information Technology at AON

I want to thank and congratulate the team on a tremendous accomplishment! As a team, you have performed extremely well, for several months on a difficult project, but your perseverance and true dedication helped push us through the finish line

Sunil Kathuria

Associate Vice President, DPLI

Our engagement had its own share of challenges which were managed pretty well by the team without impacting the project timelines and quality. People from CresTech were leading from the front and some were working behind the scenes burning midnight oil for this marquee project. The CresTech team members were instrumental in the success that we have achieved in past months

Udit Raina

Sr. Manager (Future Leader Program’ 18), COO Office, MLI

We appreciate the way in which CresTech’s team handled the responsibilities at the workplace. We appreciate the accountability shown by the team in testing the various critical modules of Neo 2.0 which directly impact our end customers.


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