Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Case Study

Independent QA validation for a leading insurance firm


The largest non-bank private-sector life insurer in India

Problem Statement

UAT timelines were never met resulting in delayed product launch due to absence of clear processes, tasks, responsibilities and priority definition


Life Asia Application, Customer facing Web Portals


  • Miss-management of test artefacts with absence of mapping between policies and corresponding test cases.
  • Assignment of multiple ad hoc tasks to the QA resources with no prioritization basis business priorities.
  • Inadequate time and effort spent on test preparation and test case creation activities
  • Unplanned and unmanaged testing resulted in lengthy UAT testing phases with creation and execution being performed simultaneously.
  • More often than not, product launch of the product got delayed beyond IRDA guidelines
Team Size
  1. 3 Manual Resources
  2. 2 Automation Resources

What we did

  • Analyzed the current state and suggested best practices of policy mapping with test cases before initiation of UAT testing
  • Introduced automation testing over & above the traditional manual testing
  • Created re-usable scripts which helped in quick re-use and regression testing, even for new policies, before every production deployment



  • Faster UAT Testing closure before the cut of time lines ensured on-time launch
  • Test bed creation before UAT start date which helped the testing team evolve better with time resulting in 40% shorter UAT cycles
  • 30% reduction of efforts due to policy mapping done before UAT start
  • Automated scripts helped in increase in early closures of UAT and reducing the overall effort and cost
  • Better quality testing is done due to regression test scripts created to be run before production deployment
Tech Stack

Web application & Mobile App

Resource Distribution




Types of Validation
  • Setup of Mature QA Processes
  • Manual Validation
  • Test Automation

Creating of more re-usable test cases and tagging of these cases. More coverage through test automation

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