Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Case Study

Functional validation for a Lending firm


Mid size Lending firm

Problem Statement

Client did not have the manpower or skill required to thoroughly test the workflows of CAS and LMS applications.




  • As the client customized both the applications (CAS & LMS) , no formal documentation was available for testing team. Everything  related to the customization of the applications was confined to one or two SMEs/ BAs. 
  • There were no formal points of validations mentioned anywhere, testing team had to test the application based upon their earlier experiences or with the help of KTs provide by BAs.
  • Work came instantly without any prior information. Resources have to design and execute test cases on the fly most of the time.
  • Build were deployed over test server without prior information to test team.Team had to stretch late to cover the assigned  tasks.
Team Size
  • 2 Functional Testers

What we did

  • Gradually, created the entire knowledge base which was further utilized by new joiners and was also referred frequently by their internal teams in later stages of the project. Client appreciated us a lot for this additional initiative.
  • Enforced release planning and documentation for better test planning and execution
  • Discussed with client and made them understand the importance of separate environments for Dev and  test teams so that the efforts of QA team won’t go in vain due to unplanned deployments. 



  • Due to the availability of the relevant documents ,test design productivity of the testing team increased by 27%
  • Provided 100% coverage with proper test planning with each release.
  • Overall efficiency of the test team (design and execution) increased by 43% which further resulted in closing of testing phase in almost half of the time.
Tech Stack
  • Finnone
  • LMS
Resource Distribution



3 Months

Types of Validation
  • Functional Validation
  • Test Artefacts Creation

The testing framework created should be adopted in other internal client project’s as well.

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