Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Case Study

FMCG Client's Healthcare Application


One of the fastest growing, Indian consumer goods company

Problem Statement

Due to lack of collaboration and proper handshakes between Business and Development teams, client’s stakeholder were struggling to get proper insights on the project health and the quality of end deliverables.


EDH a healthcare applications used by internal and external users


  • The accountability of Quality didn’t lie with any one entity within the client’s organization resulting in no clear ownership of the applications Quality.
  • Client wanted to ensure that the end user interface is seamless
  • The mobile application was to be released to end users, who would be accessing the app through multiple devices and the client didn’t have the infrastructure to validate the compatibility and performance of the application across the spectrum of devices in the market
  • The confidentiality and sensitivity of the data being handled by the application posed security concerns
  • Upon release of the applications, the end users were unsatisfied with the experience of using the application
Team Size

5-6 Sr. and Jr. Quality Engineers

What we did

CresTech took over the complete verification and validation of the EDH portal- both web based and mobile application.


  • Implemented Test Management and Execution Processes throughout the testing lifecycle
  • Performed Manual Validation of the Web Application and Mobile Application
  • Performed User Interface testing keeping in mind the end user personas
  • Performed Compatibility Testing of mobile application on various android devices with different configurations
  • Used JMeter for performance benchmarking.
  • Carried out Security testing complying to OWASP standard (VAPT)
  • Created a Functional Regression Suite for quick validation of future releases 



  • Achieved a Zero ‘Critical and High Defect’ Release for both web based and mobile application
  • The performance of mobile application across devices was found to be consistent
  • Application remains stable and performs well during Peak times
  • Application has achieved 100% uptime of servers at peak loads.
  • Zero security related breakdown or issues have been reported so far.
  • With flawless User Interface, customer footfall increased by 100%
Tech Stack

Web App: Java, MSSQL Native Android mobile app

Resource Distribution

Hybrid (Onsite and Offsite)


15 Months

Types of Validation
Setup of Mature QA Processes
Manual Validation
Mobile Application Testing using a Test Lab with 5 android devices selected after end user analysis
Performance Testing Using JMeter
Security Testing
Regression Suite to be automated for faster release cycles
More Test Metrics to be established for tracking efficiency

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