Test Automation for webportals of Insurance Websites

Case Study

Test Automation of a Web Based Insurance Application


Life Insurance firm


Insurance based policy creation App

Team Size

  • 4 Sr. Automation Engineers
  • 1 Automation Architect



Tech Stack


Resource Distribution



5 Months

Types of Validation

  1. End-to-End Scenario Testing
  2. Data driven testing 
  3. Opkey framework
  4. Screen wise regression validation


The designed automation framework can be used on other applications for quicker test automation

Problem Statement

Manual testing of the Insurance application was taking time for execution and automation was needed to speed up the execution and reduce the UAT time span.


  • To create policies multiple data set was created and execution took lot of time for policy creation
  • Overnight/Unattended batch robotic process automation of application’s data input was missing.
  • Multiple testing environment setup and
  • Automated execution were missing

What we did

Detailed analysis of all the issue was conducted with various stakeholders, team members and Opkey team.


  • Suggested the tool (OPKEY) and conducted POC to showcase benefits.
  • Analyzed the requirements and automated the Test cases.
  • Made use of excel sheets to fetch policy data as per customer requirement.
  • Created end to end scenario for policy creation and provided screen-wise regression automation. 



  • Realization of 40% testing effort reduction and
  • Significant saving in term of time spent on end-to-end testing
  • Complete Project health transparency for all stakeholders with test reports generated at a click.
  • End to end testing and automation of application is successfully conducted & delivered to the client in time. 


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