Automation of Policy Ageing Process

Case Study

Automation of Policy Ageing Process


One of the largest insurance provider


Integral Life

Team Size

  • 1 Quality Engineer
  • 1 Team Lead
  • 1 Project Manager



Tech Stack

  • Mainframe App
  • Automation Framework: OpKey

Resource Distribution

Hybrid (1 Onsite & 2 Offsite)


5 Days

Types of Validation

Automate the manual process required to age a policy


Use of OpKey framework to automate the process

Problem Statement

Customer is using Integral Life (IL) application to issue/modify individual and group insurance policies. There are frequent releases for this application and due to limited bandwidth and extensive manual work, adequate testing isn’t performed for this application.


  1. Huge policy count
  2. Frequent releases
  3. Extensive manual work
  4. Policy having ageing with different frequencies (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly)

What we did

  1. Gathered understanding of IL application from manual team and created the workflow to be automated.
  2. Created the scripts to automate the ageing process of a policy.
  3. Covered ageing of multiple policies with different batches to be executed at different frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly).
  4. Completed the validations along with manual team to verify the code.
  5. Demonstrated the code to customer to secure the sign off.


  1. Productivity enhancement of 80% as the time required to age a policy reduced significantly as compared to the manual process.
  2. Multiple batch execution for different frequencies (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly).

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