Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Case Studies

Customer is using Integral Life (IL) application to issue/modify individual and group insurance policies. There are frequent releases for this application and due to limited bandwidth and extensive manual work, adequate testing isn’t performed for this application.

Client owned the largest cab hailing service and was struggling with frequent release due to inefficient and time consuming testing. Client needed CresTech to automate the regression suite of the Passenger application for quicker release.

The customer was planning to release multiple cutting edge applications into the market and needed QA experts to completely own its quality by planning and strategizing the testing of these applications

Application was web based and used to distribute the Year End Bonus. The high complexity of the app due to complicated financial calculations made the testing extremely challenging. CresTech was to provide the Client with a viable and robust solution which could overcome these challenges in a short span of time.

Client did not have the manpower or skill required to thoroughly test the workflows of CAS and LMS applications.

Customer had a custom built, KYC application to automate the KYC approval process. This application had high density of defects, with a lot of unidentified issues as well and hence, client was looking for a QA partner to own the complete functional validation of the application.

Client’s end customers, using the smart bulb’s were unsatisfied with the quality of the mobile application and were reporting multiple, inconsistent issues with the app.
Client also lacked a strong QA setup to ensure high quality deliverables for upcoming releases.

Multiple product issues were reported by end-user’s who were accessing the application over different OS/Browser combination. This defect leakage into prod and not validating the app over multiple browser/OS combinations was a critical miss largely attributed to inadequate testing planning, lack of QA processes and shortage of time for testing prior to production release.

Manual testing of the Insurance application was taking time for execution and automation was needed to speed up the execution and reduce the UAT time span.

Due to lack of collaboration and proper handshakes between Business and Development teams, client’s stakeholder were struggling to get proper insights on the project health and the quality of end deliverables.

Client had a benefits and claims application which was to be used by people with special abilities and hence was needed to be assessed against the Accessibility standards WCAG 2.0

With every upgrade of Oracle EBS, the current implementation was impacted heavily and enough checkpoints weren’t in place resulting in production issues.

UAT timelines were never met resulting in delayed product launch due to absence of clear processes, tasks, responsibilities and priority definition

The web interface of the client’s legacy application was a challenge for end users to navigate with multiple performance issues. With multiple users connecting simultaneously to the application, the performance of the app was very poor.

The current analytics implemented on three different internal portal, to gauze trends of usage of these portals by consultants, was not robust with multiple issues being encountered by end customers.

Due to lack of proper reporting mechanism and QA check posts the quality of deliverables were not transparent to business stakeholders. Also, absence of basic QA processes was affecting the overall health of the project

Customer was facing several quality challenges on multiple IT applications being used in various business units.

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