Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Choosing the right automated testing for your softwares and Applications

Who We Are

We do any services which a testing services firm should do, the only difference is in our intent of making the applications usable. Businesses invest in testing because of the fear that something may go wrong with their applications. We work with them to transform that fear into the assurance of positive user experience. So far we have done this for 400+ customers.

We love the application experience that’s why we break the developer’s hearts. You may not love us for what we find, but you surely will love us for what we do.

We act as a mirror for the product quality, which reflects the current product, which may not be the one you expected.

Finding defects is our job and is motivational enough to find innovative ways to do the job. Every service is backed by our methodologies which are built and evolved over the years of experience since our inception in 2005.

Be it your customer-facing application, or your employee-facing applications, we treat them the same and believe that both need the right perception to be tested.

Web, mobile, API are just interfaces to us, we know how end-users work on them and have the right tools to validate applications on any of them.

Our people are passionate testers and do not care about the technologies of the applications while they are breaking them. We respect and encourage them.

Our processes are convenient to understand and are just enough to be followed. While breaking the applications, our own processes do not stop us. We have been doing this when you were on the waterfall, we are doing this when you are on DevOps.

The location of testing doesn’t matter to us, we have the secured infrastructure available and our people are happy to serve global customers.

And yes, we have lived by software testing only, we do not know anything else and we do not intend to know anything else.


pCloudy is a modern autonomous testing platform from the stable of Smart Software Testing Solutions Incorporation. It provides complete ecosystem to create, automate and execute tests for enterprise applications.

CresTech’s partnership with pCloudy empowers CresTech customers with best of industry automation practises.

Path is a leading Consulting company specialising in Oracle technologies. Be it cloud or non-cloud , Path has right people to ensure customer success.

CresTech’s Partnership with Path is an advantage to the customers seeking QA for their Oracle applications with new age tools. With Business and Technology joining hands together, we have solved a big pain area of our customers.


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